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Wednesday, July 17th

Emmanuel Baptist Church (220 Lucinda Street South)

Due to the unexpected high demand for the last passport clinic and the photographer being completely unprepared, I am hosting another passport clinic in Morris.

I am making multiple changes to how the clinic will operate so people will NOT have to wait in long lines or wait forever to get their photo.



ALL applicants MUST:
1) Be a constituent of Portage-Lisgar.
2) Print and fill out their passport applications BEFOREHAND. To do so, visit:
3) BOOK a timeslot BEFORE July 15th by calling my office 1-866-856-2090 OR email with the subject line "Passport Reservation" (if you email, please include your phone number at the end of it).
4) READ & COMPLY with ALL the information below.

Given the large amounts of applicants, if these steps are NOT completed you risk NOT being serviced.

Canada Passport.jpeg

ALL first-time adult applicants MUST bring ALL of the following:

1. Driver's Licence or Government issued photo ID with signature
2. Your original Birth Certificate (or Canadian Citizenship Card)
3. A guarantor - a person with a valid Canadian passport who has known you for two years
4. Filled out passport application

*Keep note: your guarantor will have to sign the back of your photo

If you DO NOT bring a guarantor (18 years of age and possess an adult passport) then you MUST do three things before submitting your application:

1. Fill and sign the guarantor section on the completed application
2. Sign back of one of your photos
3. Sign photocopy of your Driver's Licence or Government issued photo ID with signature both front and back sides

For ALL simplified renewals, you MUST bring:

1. New photos (available on site)
2. Current passport
3. Filled out passport application

*For ALL Child passport applications, please contact our office in advance so we can specify what you must bring.
- Do so by calling my office 1-866-856-2090 OR emailing with the subject line "Child Passport Reservation"

To pay for Passports:
Credit Card or certified cheque or money order for $160 (postal or bank) made payable to the "Receiver General for Canada"

To pay for Pictures:
On-site photographer! $25 cash, debit, or credit accepted

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