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The Liberal carbon tax isn’t an environmental plan – it’s a tax plan and a scheme to redistribute wealth from rural Canada to big cities.  It disproportionately hurts rural people who drive long distances to go to work or take their kids to hockey practice.


The price of food, home heating, and fuel is already skyrocketing.  The carbon tax makes it that much more expensive.  And what’s worse is it impacts everything: food, services, and the goods you buy from the store are all getting more expensive because of the carbon tax.  And no one is spared, from seniors, to farmers, families, truckers, and small business owners.  It makes it harder for everyone to make ends meet.


I have a proven track record of opposing the carbon tax and I will fight to cut taxes and get the Liberals out of your pocket once and for all.

Image by Abby Savage


Whereas the Trudeau Liberals’ costly carbon tax is driving up the price of gas, groceries, and home heating during a cost-of-living crisis.

Whereas Trudeau’s own Parliamentary Budget Officer report proves that the carbon tax will cost most households more than they ever get back.

Whereas Trudeau’s woke Minister of Environment admitted that they have been misleading Canadians about it the whole time.

And whereas Conservatives have already taken big steps in taking the costly carbon tax off-grain drying and barn heating.

We the undersigned call for this Liberal-NDP coalition to axe the tax to bring home lower prices and powerful paycheques.

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