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NDP-Liberal coalition

In 2022, the Liberals and the NDP reached an agreement that would see the NDP prop-up Justin Trudeau’s minority government until 2025.

Rather than confronting the worst inflationary and cost-of-living crisis in a
generation, the Liberals and NDP cooked up a backroom deal that gave the Liberals exactly what they were looking for—an audience, not an opposition. 

The NDP claims that they are not a part of the Liberal government. They claim that they will hold the Liberals accountable. But it's just not true. 

This deal is bad news for Portage-Lisgare, Manitoba, and the rest of Canada. The day after the Liberals and NDP formed their coalition, they voted against a Conservative motion to give Canadians a much-needed break at the pumps, and they've continued to act as a whole since then. 

Canadians will be forced to pay for this government’s high-tax, high-spend agenda. With inflation at a 40-year high, this is a coalition Canadians just can’t afford. I will continue to work tirelessly to hold the NDP-Liberal government to account for their failure to deliver for people living in Portage-Lisgar.


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