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Take the Carbon Tax Off Grain Drying and Barn Heating

The Liberals are pulling out all the stops to derail Bill C-234, a
Conservative-led initiative to scrap the carbon tax on grain drying and heating livestock barns. While our Conservative team has repeatedly tried to scrap the carbon tax for everyone, we made some progress when we got the House of Commons to pass Bill C-234 to fully exempt farmers.


After being heavily amended by the unelected Senate, this bill is back before Parliament. Now, Trudeau is relying on the votes of the Bloc Quebecois to deny farmers a carbon tax exemption, and we need to apply as much pressure on the Liberals as possible and get them to back down. We cannot stop our efforts to pass this legislation in its original form.

Please fill out the petition below ASAP, and encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to do so as well.

Make your voice heard loud and clear!



Whereas Trudeau’s carbon tax has made it more expensive for the farmers to grow our food and caused food prices to hit record highs, making life more expensive for all Canadians.

Whereas the Liberal-NDP coalition wants to quadruple the tax.

And whereas Conservatives have put forward a common sense bill to carve out Trudeau’s tax for natural gas and propane fuel used by the farmers who grow our food.

Therefore be it resolved that we call on the House of Commons to fast track and pass Bill C-234 to carve out Trudeau’s tax on our farmers and bring home lower food prices.

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